Jeremy Bowen @ Grand Opening. 

First LIVE performance @ TJR in our pre-Pickin' Party days 2004

James Urias @ Grand Opening.

First LIVE performance @ TJR in our pre-Pickin' Party days 2004

Donnie Warren & "The Can't Hardly Playboys"...

pre-Pickin' Party days 2004

Father and Son - Johnny and Donnie Warren...

 pre-Pickin' Party days 2004

Brandon Lee's LIVE performance...

 pre-Pickin' Party days 2004

 Ron Leavell, Rick Carter, Brian Corbell, Robert Cobos,

 Casey Corbell, Albert Cullen New -

 One of our first Pickin' Parties 2005

Warren Graves, Jimmy Graves, Robert Cobos 2005

Jimmy Graves & Al Fellers 2005

Ron Eckert 2005

Donnie Warren & Taylor Ochs 2006

T.J. (Texas Jay) Ballinger and Eric Andrews 

(of the Aaron Watson Band) 2008

T.J. Ballinger-Lead Guitar, Eric Andrews-Fiddle

, Neal Brannum-Bass, Donnie Warren-Acoustic Guitar & Vocals

, Steve Smith-Drums 2008

Grant Hamilton 2008

James Wicker-Acoustic Guitar & Vocals,

 Kevin Thompson-Lead Guitar 2008

Lori Acosta 2008

Brown Sneakers 2008

Brandon Lee 2008

Zach Camden-Drums,

Mike Camden-Lead Guitar 2008

Robert Cobos-Lead Guitar, Eric Andrews-Fiddle

, Neal Brannum-Bass, Trey Adams-Drums,

 James Wicker-Acoustic Guitar & Vocals,

 James Clack-Fiddle 2008

Cecil Adkisson-Acoustic Guitar & Vocals,

  Jason Lerma-Lead Guitar 2008

Brother James-Harmonica,

 Steve Smith-Drums 2008

Neal Brannum 2008

John (Guitar-EZ) Gutierrez 2008

Antioch Christian Praise Singers

 w/Jason Lerma 2008

Lee Gray-Bass, Yolanda Fish-Acoustic Guitar-Vocals

, Dick Hergenreter-Lead Guitar 2008

John Pankey 2008

Dave "Turk" Sims 2008

Eric Andrews-Fiddle,

 Kevin Thompson-Bass,

 L.B. Schooley-Acoustic Guitar & Vocals 2008

Yolanda Fish-Acoustic Guitar & Vocals

, Frank Sandoval-Drums,

 Dick Hergenreter-Lead Guitar 2008

John Shoemaker & Ed Miller 2008

Rev. Ray Blue-Harmonica 2008

Duane Holman & Sons 2008

Terry Doris,

  Fred Stallcup of Rio Grande, Robert Cobos 2008

Patrick Ray-Acoustic Guitar

 & Robert Cobos-Train Whistle 2008

Diane's 50th Birthday Pickin' Party

 - Jeremy Bowen-Acoustic Guitar & Vocals,

 Trey Adams-Drums 2008

Diane's 50th Birthday

 - Kwyndala Bowen, Matt Bowen

, Ashley Bowen & Jonathan Bowen 2008

Ashley Bowen & Jonathan "Boogers" Bowen 2008

"Austinites" Jim & Cindy Andrews

 owner of Beautiful Solutions Texas

 visited us on their 1st Wedding Aniversary...

Thanks to Jim for helping us get our website started 2008

Andy Flores Sr.-Keyboards,

 Adam English-Bass, Andrew Flores Jr.-Drums

, Uncle Joe Casarez-Lead Guitar 2008

"Manfrio" 2008

Texas Dirt Rangers

James Clack-Fiddle, Justin Battenfield-Washtub Bass

, Robert Cobos-Washboard,

 Rusty Battenfield-Acoustic Guitar & Vocals 2008

Richard Storey 2008

James Clack 2008

Robert Cobos-Bass, Shane Hudson-Drums

, Shawn McCord-Lead Guitar & Vocals 2008

Tyler Allyn Dean 2008

Odessa-City of Contrasts 2008

"Handlebar Jackson" & "Stoney McCord"

Robert Cobos-Bass, Freddie Kelly-Drums,

 Zach Casey-Acoustic Guitar & Vocals 2008

Robert Bowden-Bass, Kimberly Storm-Vocals,

 Freddy Kelly-Drums, Zach Casey-Lead Guitar 2008

W.B Branson-Lead Guitar

 & a fine Guitar Teacher 2008

Bobby Elliott 2008

L.A. Avery-Guitar&Vocals

, Robert Bowden-Bass&Vocals 2008

Ashley Baer, Ashley Oliff, Aerlea Oliva 2008

More from the Texas Dirt Rangers

James Clack-Fiddle, Justin Battenfield-Mandolin,

 Rusty Battenfield-Acoustic Guitar & Vocals,

 Robert Cobos-Washboard 2008

James Clack 2008

Farewell Performance- Off To College!

Justin Battenfield 2008

Rusty Battenfield 2008

Robert Cobos 2008

Justin Eccles 2008

James Clack-Fiddle, Adam English-Bass,

 Ann Yzaguirre-Vocals 2008

Adam English-Bass, Sam Watson-Vocals & Acoustic Guitar,

 Brandon Baker-Drums, Robert Cobos-Lead Guitar 2008

Sam Watson-Vocals & Acoustic Guitar,

 Brandon Baker-Drums 2008

Goofy? Shawn McCord & Sam Watson 2008

J.J. & The Poor Kids 2008

Farewell Performance - Off To College!

Robert Cobos-Bass, Chad Decrow-Percussion,

 Shane Hudson-Drums, 

Shawn McCord-Vocals & Lead Guitar 2008 


Randall Kennedy-Vocals,

 James Clack-Vocals & Acoustic Guitar,

 Trey Adams-Drums 2008

James Clack-Fiddle, Robert Cobos-Bass,

 Brandon Baker-Drums,

Kevin Pitman-Lead Guitar 2008

L.A. Avery 2008

Trey Adams 2008

Kayla Heard-vocals & acoustic guitar,

 James Wicker-acoustic guitar 2008

Terry Dorris-lead guitar,

 Riley Rand-bass, Mike Sorrells-lead guitar & vocals,

 Jim Sorrells-drums 2008


Riley Rand 2008

Jim Sorrells 2008

Oscar Marquez 2008

Nikki Lawler 2009

Felix "The Cat" Hernandez 2009

Zach-12, Caleb-10

 jam with Grandpa Cecil Adkisson 2009

Danielle Collins-guitar, James Wicker-bass 2009

"Oilfield Trash" Tanner, Kyle & Rio 2009 

Our youngest singer ever!

  Faith Groves (4 years old) sings the "National Anthem"

 while proud PaPa looks on. 2009


Bryant Sanders, Francis Lewis & Zack Casey

 tear it up on Tuesday Night with some rockin' blues! 2009