Many thanks to my sister, Tracy Gotcher for taking lots and lots of pictures for us.

Second Grand Opening in

Santa Fe Square

L to R (Diane Cobos,

Tracy Gotcher)

Doug Moreland -funniest man on the planet @ original location 2004

Mike Grahamsuperior West Texas singer-songwriter @ original location 2004

Mike Graham and Doug Moreland - two of our favorite West Texas natives knocked our socks off 2004

Quincy Harper blew us away with his rich vocals and sweet personality 2005

Sweetheart of a guy - Kevin Fowler dropped by before the Rodeo Dance @ Ector County Coliseum to sign autographs 2005

L to R (Brandon Lee, Kevin Fowler, Robert Cobos, Diane Cobos)

Kevin Fowler with some of his adoring fans 2005

The NO JUSTICE guys dropped in for a visit before their gig @ Graham Central Station 2005

NO JUSTICE guys chowed on chips and salsa made by John Smith and his wife Diana 2005 

oops! How did he get in here?

The "real" T.J. Rabbit

T.J. stands for Texas Jack

Bonnie Bishop and Colby Loganclowning around @ CD Release Party 2005

Bonnie Bishop singing her heart out for the fans 2005

Hey! What's with those wascally wabbit ears?

Bonnie Bishop accompanied by Colby Logan on guitar absolutely mesmerized the crowd. We were so blessed to have them in our store. 2005

80 PROOF graced us with a LIVE performance before a gig @ Dos Amigos 2006

Johnny Cooper blows us away @ CD Relase Party for Ignition 2006

Johnny Cooper with A.A. Bottom Band really blessed the crowd with their high energy performance 2006

Peter Dawson a phenominal singer-songwriter @ TJR House Concert 2006

What a sweetheart of a guy, Peter Dawson calls Taylor Ochs to the stage to play fiddle with him 2006

Peter Dawson jokes around with his fans 2006

Washtub Jerry and Glen Moreland (Doug Moreland's Dad) played to a packed house after being rained out at Noel Plaza in downtown Odessa 2006

Washtub Jerry and Glen Moreland were a big hit with the crowd ( we squeezed 99 people in) 2006

Bonnie Bishop was amazing as she wowed the crowd with her stories about how her songs were written. We were all on the edges of our seats as she spoke @ TJR House Concert 2006

Bonnie Bishop - what an awesome, talented singer-songwriter and a very sweet spirit 2006

Brian Milson & The Short Road Band cut loose with a set of all original tunes @ CD Release Party for "Walkin' A Thin Line" 2007

Brian Milson & The Short Road Band is just what you need if you like good ol' honky tonk country. CD Release Party 2007 


WANTED PICKERS for Granny Rabbit's Texas Jug Band


Eric Andrews, Kevin Thompson, Jeremy Ferguson, and Jason Lerma Eric Andrews and Jason Lerma of the Aaron Watson band dropped in to one of our Gospel Pickin' Parties 2008

Eddie Pasquale-drums, Cecil Adkisson-guitar-vocals & Jason Lerma-lead guitar @ Gospel Pickin' Party 2008

Lee Gray-banjo & Eric Andrews-fiddle @ Gospel Pickin' Party 2008

Brian Milson & The Short Road Band @ the filming of Fox West Texas' new pilot 2008

Brian Milson-Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar 2008

Craig Tally-Bass/Harmony Vocals

Brent Adkins-Lead Guitar

Brad Cave-Drums

A couple of guys from "Southern Drive" dropped in March 07, 2009.

L to R Colin Boyd, Robert Cobos, Donnie Rex 

"Colin Boyd" wrote "Make My Heart Flutter" for Jack Ingram! Is that cool or what? You just never know who will drop-in @ TJR.

Paul Aaron Hughes CD Release Party March 10, 2009

L to R Adam English on bass Paul Aaron Hughes belts out "I'VE GOT TO HAVE YOU" title song off his new CD.

L to R Paul Aaron Hughes rocks the crowd with "FOLDIN' MONEY"  Oscar Marquez on drums, Robert Cobos on lead guitar.



Treetop Flyers 2009

T.J. Ballinger-lead guitar, Adam English-Bass, Trey Adams-Drums, Ron Leavelle-vocals-rhythm guitar, Robert Cobos-lead guitar