What would a Grand Opening be without LIVE music?


Grand Opening - Jeremy Bowen entertains the crowd with tunes from Elvis to Tom Petty to Chris Isaacs. Sherwood Shopping Center 2004

Grand Opening - James Urias gave us a dose of some awesome Americana music. Sherwood Shopping Center 2004

Robert Cobos always the big "ham" from the beginning...

Grand Opening Sherwood Shopping Center 2004

Robert Cobos & Diane Cobos @ Grand Opening (very humble beginnings) Sherwood Shopping Center 2004

Diane Cobos, Robert Cobos,Tracy Gotcher all dressed up and no place to go... Odessa Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting @ new location in Santa Fe Square-2nd Grand Opening 2005

Cole Hardwick, Tracy Gotcher were with us from the beginning. 2nd Grand Opening 2005

Cole Hardwick, Robert Cobos, Diane Cobos hey...Where are my bunny ears? Grand Opening 2005

Robert Cobos Did somebody say "ham"? Grand Opening 2005